“Creole String Beans do the best straight up swamp pop in New Orleans. They’ve got feel, soul and humor.”
– Offbeat Magazine, French Quarter Fest Preview

"One of New Orleans’ most dependable guarantors of a good time, the Beans play rollicking, highly danceable covers of South Louisiana classics and originals penned in the same spirit."
-- Allison Fensterstock, Nola.com/The Times-Picayune

"But seriously...the Creole String Beans are a steaming pot of accomplished and talented musicians who have picked songs that otherwise may have wilted and died out on the lost vines of classic Louisiana music. The Beans have harvested these songs and are dishing em up with their own blend of New Orleans seasoning for a treat sure to satisfy whatever you're hungry to hear."
- Music preview for the Downtown Alive Concert Series, Lafayette, LA

"In and of itself, Shrimp Boots & Vintage Suits is a great recording, but the fact that there are still musicians making and playing classic New Orleans R&B with the Gulf Coast sound bodes well for fans of this music as well as those uninitiated to this wonderful genre."
-- David Kunian, Offbeat Magazine/Offbeat.com

"If you're looking for an authentic Louisiana musical experience, The Creole String Beans are simply fantastic!  We hired them to play for a large group of teenagers who are notoriously difficult to please.  The kids loved them!  They are all excellent musicians, but more importantly, they found ways to engage the group from start to finish.  They even let a few of the teen musicians "sit in" and jam.  A definite highlight for all!  I cannot recommend the Creole String Beans highly enough!"
-Kelly Sweeney, Gateway Music Tours

"I’ve long championed Louisiana as the birthplace of blue-eyed R&B. Led by photog/rocker/coonass Rick Olivier, the band is comprised of musicians with long, local and impressive pedigrees. Song selection is interesting and entertaining, with a predictably strong local favor. The energy dial is on 10 from beginning to end, but the best way to experience these guys is live, with a durable dance partner and several adult beverages. It’s good to know some folks still give a damn about the music that made this city great."
- Jeff Hannusch, Offbeat Magazine/Offbeat.com

"The self-titled debut CD from the Creole String Beans is a vintage jukebox of swamp pop and rhythm & blues favorites all rendered with obvious affection."
- Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune

"If you like to dance and you love the classics, The Creole String Beans is the band that you're going to fall in love with if you haven't fallen in love with them already."
- Sally-Ann Roberts, Eyewitness Morning News, WWL TV

"I absolutely LOVED your group. Can you go ahead and put our event on next year's schedule? I'm serious, you guys were fabulous. You really added to the event and its success!"
- Julie LaCour, Director of Special Events/Celebration in the Oaks, New Orleans City Park

"I saw The Creole String Beans at the Rock and Bowl and it was the most fun I've had in 7 years."
- Trey Ball, Stuart Hall first grader, 7 years old

"The Creole String Beans, a charming ensemble of nattily-hatted dudes, are playing a great string, so to speak, of old R&B and rock hits, like "Mother-in-Law" and "Unchain My Heart." We've got some good dancing going on over here"
-Molly Reid,  The Times-Picayune, blogging from French Quarter Fest on NOLA.com

"The Creole String Beans are a house party personified!"
-Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune, 2012 Jazz Fest Preview

"Threadhead Records is set to release the new album from the Creole String Beans, who'll be at the Best of the Beat Awards on Friday night. The band's roots are in swamp pop and the heyday of Louisiana R&B, but at Jazz Fest last year, they managed to make Frankie Ford and The Cramps make sense in the same set."
-Offbeat Magazine's Weekly Beat,  Best of the Beat Awards Preview

"I had the most amazing Jazz Fest moment of my life, and I have y'all to thank for it. It was the most simple thing, but it is a memory I will never forget. Simply standing in the cool breeze, under the warm sun, dancing barefoot on a sheet, listening to some of my favorite music. Most people should be so lucky as to get to enjoy Jazz Fest this way. Thank you for giving a great start to a beautiful Jazz Fest day!"
-Jamie Leto via Facebook

"Loved this band live, but I am late to the party with their CD.  But what a party it is, a grab the ragtop and go cruisin for burgers down to the lake kinda of thing. Now actually, I had to have my '71 deVille convertible towed away around 15 years ago, but yesterday and today, even while running inglorious errands around town, I felt like I was back in the world of big block 8 mpg where nobody minded cause it was all about horsepower. And when they hit "Just Because", why now that's time travel in the best way possible, and that means a '57 two-tone Fairlane quickly replaced the two ton Caddy and all those ever dwindling precious few memories that a six near seven year old could acquire in those days took over the turntable and kept playing that 45...oops CD for the rest of the journey.  Great roots music and, time travel not withstanding, it's just about as fresh and relevant as something called swamp pop can get. Next time I start feeling old and out of it, I'm reaching for the Shrimp Boots and Vintage Suits for sure!"
-Michelino, Jazz Fest Forum at nojazzfest.com